Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A quick update

Hello, dear readers. This is just a quick message to apologize for the lack of updates and to assure you that the blog is still alive and well!

Obviously the interviews we had planned to release in May and June have taken us longer than anticipated to translate and release. The main reasons being lack of time. Personally I'm in the midst of a life change. My current job is ending and I'll be moving to a new city very soon. (Sapporo here I come!) So I've been trying to wrap up my life here and it's taken up nearly all my free time. The other members have had equally busy schedules for the past few months and so we've not been able to sit down and polish the interviews.

I don't want to release them until I'm completely satisfied with the product, and so I've held off in the hopes of a free night to get em done. A night which hasn't happened yet...

So, apologies for being so far behind! But in lieu of immediate interview release, here are the interviews that we have coming up for you:

Cherry Boys - Mark Mowbray, Kanno Kiyomi, Morimoto Kozue, Munekata Takao 

Meme8 - Osamu Sakurai, Kenji Suzuki

OKI - Oki Kano

They'll all be posted ASAP!! Sign up for email alerts on the right. We'll only email you when we add a new interview (or short message like this).

-Emilio Buonanni


  1. Hello! Thanks for asking, it's been a hectic start to the year. I've gotten al moved in to my new place, but I took a short trip back to the states over the break and that meant I had to have a bit of a catch up period after getting back. Everything is back to normal now and we'll be resuming updates shortly!

    We've actually been working on formatting a wordpress site as well, so we'll be running concurrent blogs to access more readers.

    New interviews will be coming soon, as well as a fancy new design for the site!

    So don"t count us out just yet. (^o^)/